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Share Applications

The share investment offer has now closed. 

Shares can be purchased in order to become a member of, and investor in the Tremeirchion Community Pub Limited (TCPL).


If you are considering buying shares it is important you read the whole share offer document. We require every application of shares to complete the application form, you can either:

  • Sign and send a copy by email

  • Sign and send a paper copy in the post addresses to the Salusbury

  • Sign and drop off a paper copy to the pub into our sealed container on the bar

For answers to some frequently asked questions, please go to the FAQ tab.

If in an circumstance you submit your application and at a later date wish to increase the value of investment, please contact us on and one of the team will be able to discuss this with you.


TCPL Business Plan 2022

Full Share Offer Document 2023

Total 2.4.23.jpg

Final update of investment provided on 2nd April 2023.

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