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Our Story...

The Salusbury Arms is a village pub that has served the village and parish for decades. It has provided many generations of the Tremeirchion community with their first pay packet, their first pint, even their first quiz night and we believe it should be our responsibility to ensure it survives for many more.  

The owner of the Salusbury Arms in the Spring of 2021 approached members of the community to see if there was interest in having a community purchase of the pub. A survey was then conducted and in August the findings were shared. The survey was strongly favoured of community purchase and demonstrated an enthusiasm for a wide range of services under the umbrella of a community owned pub.

A small steering group was then formed to explore the purchase which resulted in the Tremeirchion Community Pub becoming corporate members of the Plunkett Foundation, a charity that helps communities across the UK. It was with the support of the Tremeirchion 2000 who put out an appeal for a fighting fund to pay the initial cost and legal fees. 

From that first survey it has taken much time and attention and we are pleased to state we now have a clear way ahead for community purchase by early Spring 2023. We still have a huge amount of work ahead of us, and for this exciting project to succeed, we will need strong participation from the community - not just Tremeirchion, but inclusive of the surrounding area where the community pub will be a unique asset for us all to enjoy.  

We aim to keep you updated on our journey and we look forward to your feedback, support and enthusiasm as we continue on what is a very exciting journey for Salusbury!

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