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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions. If what you want to know is not here, please contact us and we will get back to you.

A community pub is a pub business owned and controlled by the community for the benefit of the community.  To date, no pub that has transitioned to community ownership has closed.

What is a community pub?

How are community pubs funded?

Community pubs are typically funded through a public share offering allowing members of the community and other 3rd parties the opportunity to invest.  There are usually minimum and maximum investment thresholds.  All shareholders (or members) have a say in the running of the business on the basis of one-member-one-vote.

How can I volunteer at Tremeirchion Community Pub?

Please contact us on the contact form provided on this webpage. Alternatively, email us on: and one of the team will get back to you.

What are the benefits of community ownership?

In many cases, community pubs have been established as a means to save pubs that were otherwise destined for closure.  
As well as safeguarding the ongoing availability of a key service, the additional benefit of community ownership is that members may then have influence over the types of service provided by their pub.  This may be related to the manner of the running of the pub, or the types of services on offer.  For example, the facility may provide additional services, such as a community meeting place, café or local shop.

Why form a community pub, why not allow it to be privately owned and run?

Aside from the obvious benefits of being to own and run the pub by the community for the community, there is always a risk that private investment may not be forthcoming.  Over the last two decades more than 13,000 pubs have closed in the UK, with the land typically being sold for change of use, often ending up as housing.  Once local pubs close they are lost for good. 

Can people group together to buy shares?

No, shares must be held by an individual person or a corporate body.

Can members pass on their shares to others?

No, shares can only be sold back to the Society at the price at which they were bought.  The only circumstance in which they can be transferred is as part of your estate when you die.

Why should someone who does not live in the area invest in this Community Pub?

Why not? British pubs are an ‘institution’ and if not supported will be lost.  There are national organisations like CAMRA whose members support what a viable pub can bring to quality of life. A community owned pub is a successful model that have achieved national and international interest elsewhere.  We don’t see we will be any different.

Why do you think The Salusbury Arms will succeed as a community pub?

The Salusbury Arms will be a community-owned pub and run by and for the community and as such can be so much more than a pub. It has its roots in the community, listens to feedback closely, and is more likely to be well supported over the long-term.

No community-owned pub in the UK has ever closed, unlike the many commercially or privately owned pubs which nationally shut at a rate of more than two to three a week before the pandemic.

Find out more here from the Plunkett Foundation.

Contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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