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Management Committee Voting is OPEN!

In the last few days the Steering Group issued an email out to all shareholders. The information provided is as follows:

"The Steering Group are expecting a draft copy of the Grant Funding Agreement later this month, and once the money has been drawn down we will proceed with exchanging contracts on the purchase of the Salusbury Arms. In the meantime we need to elect the Management Committee and prepare for opening as a community pub 


Once the pub is in community ownership, the elected Management Committee will be collectively responsible for everything done in the name of Tremeirchion Community Pub Ltd to manage the Salusbury Arms.


We asked for nominations for this committee and 14 people have put themselves forward to be involved, which is fantastic! The rules of a community benefit society state that the Management Committee has to be between 3 and 12 people only, therefore we are conducting a vote so that all shareholders can vote for who they would like to represent members of the society on the committee 


Each investor can vote for up to 12 nominees – You can vote for only 1 person if you wish, but you must not vote for more than 12 people or your ballot paper will be invalid.


Attached is a word document detailing the skills, expertise and experience each nominee can bring to the committee. We encourage you to carefully consider all of the candidates before casting your votes, as these people will be responsible for the success of the Salusbury Arms and to reflect the wishes of the community. Once you have made your choices, please mark the tick boxes on the PDF attachment next to the names of the nominees you wish to vote for, and send it back to us no later than Friday 30th June. You can email it back , or drop it into the pub where there will be a red bucket for ballot papers.


There is a box on each ballot paper for your unique investor number, which can be found on your share certificate. Please fill this in so that we can ensure each investor only submits one ballot paper each 


For further information please contact the steering group at or have a look at our website for"

Should you have any question, please email the above, and be sure to get your votes in before the end of the month!

Many Thanks

The Steering Group


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